Fefita la Grande Concert

A free concert with Fefita la Grande cannot be missed!


Fefita la Grande, also known as La Vieja Fefa or La Mayimba, is one of the most loved Perico Ripiao and Merengue Tipico musicians in Dominican Republic. She is one of the best and well-known merengue accordion players. Her unique style is unprecedented.

La Mayimba will be in concert at the Centro Cultural de España on Saturday December 3rd starting at 9PM. She will be preforming on the outside stage and there is only limited space so get there early. Entrance is free.

The Centro Cultural de España is located in the Colegio de Gorjón on Calles Arzobispo Meriño between Portes and Jose Gabriel Garcia in the Colonial Zone, Santo Domingo.

Colonial Fest 2016

Santo Domingo Colonial Festival

November 25, 26 and 27, 2016. The fun starts each day at 10AM and ends at 1AM in the morning.

Santo Domingo Colonial Fest 2016
Santo Domingo Colonial Fest 2016

SD Colonial Fest celebrates the First City of the Americas with cultural activities lasting a full weekend. There will be 3 days of fun, culture, history, music and more.

The festival has been happening since 2012. It combines recreation, fun, enjoyment of the outdoors, quality time with friends and family. The purpose of the fest is for everyone to know just how special Santo Domingo. Colonial Fest showcases the first city in the New World and it’s cultural and historical background.

The festivals main events will be happening around Calle Las Damas, Plaza España and the Fortaleza Ozama. Many of the Restaurants will have special prices and dishes.

There will be many activities in the historical monuments of the city including:

  • Historic Walks
  • Music festival
  • Art Festival
  • Gastronomic Tour
  • Restaurants with attractive offers in variety and prices
  • Nightclubs and Bars special offers & the best music to enjoy the night
  • Concerts Great concert in Plaza España for the closing of the day
  • Clowns and Mimes throughout the Colonial City to entertain visitors
  • Churches coordinate ringing of the bells
  • Train rides with colonial characters
  • Museums Night timetables and special activities

More information colonialfest.org

Corona Sunsets Festival Zona Colonial

Corona Sunsets Festival

, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. 4PM at Fortaleza Ozama. Tickets are RD$2,400 at the door.

Corona Sunset Fest 2016 Dominican Republic
Corona Sunset Fest 2016 Dominican Republic

Corona Sunsets Festival is a global music festival series celebrating the transformational power of sunset in the worlds most iconic beaches, mountains, and city centers brought to the world by Corona Beer.

The second year in Dominican Republic presenting great deep house and chill music artists –
*Gorgon City – English duo composed of producers Kye Gibbon and Matt Robson-Scott.
*La Mala Rodríguez – rose to fame in the late 1990s.
*French Horn Rebellion – a Brooklyn electronic dance band formed in 2007 by brothers Robert and David Perlick-Molinari.
*Benoit & Sergio – a dance and pop music duo who describes their sound as “dance pop with a slightly melancholy feel”
*Bag Raiders – Australian electronic music band.

Setting up for the Corona Sunset Fest 2016 at the Fortaleza Ozama, Santo Domingo
Setting up for the Corona Sunset Fest 2016 at the Fortaleza Ozama, Santo Domingo
Setting up for the Corona Sunset Fest 2016 at the Fortaleza Ozama, Santo Domingo
Setting up for the Corona Sunset Fest 2016 at the Fortaleza Ozama, Santo Domingo

Benoit & Sergio on SoundCloud

Death By A Thousand Cuts Film

Death By A Thousand Cuts – Muerte por Mil Cortes


This must see documentary is the truth about the deforestation happening here in Dominican Republic and how it is effecting us, Haiti and the world. The bottom of the page is a facebook link that has information about show times and more.

In DEATH BY A THOUSAND CUTS, Eligio Eloy Vargas, alias Melaneo, a Dominican Park Ranger in the Sierra de Bahoruco National Park was found brutally murdered by machete. At the time, he was believed to have been on patrol investigating an illegal charcoal production site often run by Haitians coming across the border into protected Dominican forests. This murder becomes the metaphor for the larger story of increasing tension between Haiti and the Dominican Republic over illicit charcoal exploitation and mass deforestation.


With stunning cinematography, DEATH BY A THOUSAND CUTS is a feature-length documentary film that is a double murder investigation, seeking to learn about the circumstances of Melaneo’s death and the systematic eradication of the Dominican forests. The film interweaves the many sides of the story of Melaneo’s murder told through: his Haitian wife Calina, brother Chichi, local reporter Luis Medrano and a Haitian Nené working as a Dominican park ranger, all representing different perspectives on a complex socio-political issue. In parallel, the film explores the larger backdrop of the rapidly changing reality on the Dominican and Haitian border due to the illegal charcoal trafficking trade. Deforestation cuts deeply across the economic, social and security fabric of both countries and has far-reaching consequences that are largely unrecognized in either nation.


As the film digs deeper into the murder of Melaneo, environmental activist Dr. Yolanda Leon helps uncover how the lives of Dominicans and Haitians at the border are enveloped in a complex web of relationships. Industrial-scale Dominican complicity in illegal charcoal production and mass deforestation is unearthed. As in so many global struggles for natural resources, the fight for survival leads to scapegoating, xenophobia and clashes between communities marked most recently by anti-immigrant policies passed by the Dominican Republic. These clashes come to reflect the struggle for resources at a national and global scale, which when taken to extreme scenarios can lead to the persistent cycle of ethnic civil conflict and international violence.


The facebook page has show times and other information.

Complete information about the film here http://deathbyathousandcutsfilm.com/

Partial Closure Of Zona Colonial Streets Sept. 5 and 6

(written in English y Español)

Program Tourism Development of Ciudad Colonial (PFTCC) and Empresa Distribuidora de Electricidad del Este (EDE Este) announce partial closure of streets in Ciudad Colonial to install two special transformers needed for the process of installing the new underground power cables.

Partial closure of streets Monday and Tuesday. / Cierre parcial de calles lunes y martes para soterrado.

The operation will start at 5.00 pm on Monday, September 5 and will end on Tuesday, September 6 at 1:00 pm.

The operation will be divided into two phases. First, it will be closed a stretch of the street Arzobispo Meriño between the streets and Emiliano Tejera Luperon, and a section of the Mercedes between Isabel the Catholic and Hostos. Upon completion of the work at this intersection, Isabel La Católica between Mercedes and Emiliano Tejera streets will close.

No parking is permitted on the streets Arzobispo Meriño, Mercedes (between Hostos and Las Damas) and Isabel La Católica (between Luperon and Tejera), during the operation, to avoid damage and scratches to vehicles parked at the entrance and exit trucks and cranes.

These works are part of the final stage of underground distribution lines of electricity referred to in the renovation project that is implementing the Tourism Ministry in Ciudad Colonial funds from the Inter-American Development Bank.

Note. I was told there will be no cuts in electricity as they are not connecting the electricity lines at this time.

El Programa de Fomento al Turismo de Ciudad Colonial (PFTCC) y la Empresa Distribuidora de Electricidad del Este (EDE Este) anunciaron el cierre parcial de las calles Arzobispo Meriño, Mercedes e Isabel La Católica en la Ciudad Colonial para ingresar dos de los transformadores especiales necesarios para el proceso de soterrado de cables de energía eléctrica.

En un comunicado, ambas entidades explican que el operativo iniciará a las 5.00 de la tarde del lunes 5 de septiembre y terminará el martes 06 de septiembre a la 1.00 p.m.

El operativo será dividido en dos fases. Primero, será cerrado un tramo de la calle Arzobispo Meriño comprendido entre las calles Emiliano Tejera y Luperón, y un tramo de la Mercedes entre Isabel La Católica y Hostos. Al terminar los trabajos en esta intersección, se procederá a cerrar la calle Isabel La Católica entre las calles Mercedes y Emiliano Tejera.

No será permitido el estacionamiento en las calles Arzobispo Meriño, Mercedes (entre Hostos y Las Damas) e Isabel la Católica (entre Luperón y Tejera), mientras dure el operativo, para evitar daños y ralladuras a los vehículos estacionados durante la entrada y salida de los camiones y las grúas.

Estos trabajos forman parte de la etapa final del proceso de soterrado de las líneas de distribución de energía eléctrica contemplados en el proyecto de renovación que viene ejecutando el Ministerio de Turismo en Ciudad Colonial con fondos del Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo.

Nota. No habrá cortes en la electricidad, ya que no se conectan las líneas de electricidad en este momento.



Mother Teresa Celebrated In Colonial Zone

Mother Teresa, known as the Saint of the Gutters, was declared a saint in a canonization Mass held by Pope Francis on Sunday in St. Peter’s Square in Vatican City on Sunday morning September 4, 2016.

Hundreds of people dressed in blue and white, many carrying flags other images of Mother Teresa, flocked to the Cathedral Metropolitana Santa María de la Encarnación Catedral de Santo Domingo, Primada de América, to join in the service honoring the newest saint in the Catholic Church. Most of the Catholic churches in the country held services at 4 in her honor.

Missionaries of Charity with the traditional sari in Ciudad Colonial to honor Mother Teresa
Missionaries of Charity with the traditional sari in Ciudad Colonial to honor Mother Teresa
Dominicans dressed in blue and white holding pictures of Mother Teresa as they wait to return to their homes after the service.
Dominicans dressed in blue and white holding pictures of Mother Teresa as they wait to return to their homes after the service.
Busses line Calle Isabel la Católica bringing people to honor Mother Teresa.
Busses line Calle Isabel la Católica bringing people to honor Mother Teresa.

On July 5, 1982 Madre Teresa visited Dominican Republic. She stayed for over a week visiting many of the poorer sections of the country. She opened three foundations that are still in operation in the country and lead by the Congregation of the Daughters of Charity / Hijas de la Caridad she founded. She is very special to the country as she is one of the 2 persons canonized to visit DR. The other was John Paul II.

Mother Teresa known in the Catholic Church as Saint Teresa of Calcutta was born August 26, 1910 and died September 5, 1997. In 1979 she received the Nobel Peace Prize. On September 4, 2016 the Blessed Teresa of Calcutta was declared to be a saint.