Video – Feliz Navidad de el Presidente Danilo Medina

Feliz Navidad de el Presidente Danilo Medina

“The Merry Christmas caravan wishing all Feliz Navidad from the Dominican Republic President Danilo Medina. The music came to the Zona Colonial sharing its loudness at 11:30PM leaving a wake of car alarms and sirens in its path. It is loud. You might want to turn down the volume. Taken Saturday night, December 13, 2013, at 11:30PM on Calle Isabel la Catolica, Ciudad Colonial.”

Dance Where You Are

“On my, what next?” One never knows what one will see when driving the streets of the Dominican Republic. You can enjoy live no matter where you are. I took this video today, November, 6, 2013 and I think I had as much fun watching him as he did dancing.

Dancing And Enjoying Life On The Back Of A Truck

Pictures and Video -Transportation 9-25-2013

Dominicans are very creative with their modes of transportation. Some are a bit dangerous but always interesting.

Transporting whatever on motorbikes
Transporting whatever on motorbikes
Going to work in the morning.
Going to work in the morning.

This is a video a friend took in Santo Domingo yesterday. The newest invention in motorized wheelchairs. Note how he is very considerate to the vehicles trying to pass. He is waving them on.

More information on Transportation in Dominican Republic.

Too Many Crashes

This is my opinion and many of my neighbors in Cuidad Colonial opinions also. This is my rant.

I have spoken to the Junto de Vecinos, Neighborhood Groups and also the head of the police here. I have spoken to neighbors and visitors in the Colonial Zone. There are so many wrecks here. Something needs to be done.

There are people crossing the streets. There are school children going to and from school. It is dangerous at each and every interception in this oldest city in the Americas. Even standing waiting to cross the street you are not safe as cars wreck and hit into buildings and if you are at the wrong place at the wrong time..too bad for you.

They made the Coral Highway to bring more tourists to the Zone but what about the safety of the people. A few years ago whoever is in charge made an announcement that they would be closing off a few of the streets in the area to be pedestrian only. I disagreed with this. But, as usual, it never happened and it was never brought up again.

My opinion, we need POLICIA ACOSTADO on each and every street intersection and where people cross often including every crossing of Calle el Conde. Policia Acostado are road bumps, rompevelocidades, speed bumps, judder bars. Whatever one calls them we need them. Stop signs do not work. Stop lights will not work in the Colonial Area. A speed bump would make people go slow. Instead of taking 7 minutes to drive up Isabel la Catolíca it would take 20 minutes. Maybe people will not pass through the Zone to get to their destination if it takes forever to cross each street intersection. Maybe people will stop or at least slow down and there will be less accidents. Maybe..just maybe.

There was a crash this morning at 7:30 in front of my apartment..again. It is a school zone. Children are walking here at this hour. A woman taking her 2 children to school was turning onto Padre Billini and a truck plowed through going really fast. He pushed her into a cement utility pole, at least 15 paces of my size 9 feet from the intersection. She was on the sidewalk. What if there were children walking there at that time? I am usually out with my dog at that time walking through this intersection on this sidewalk. What if we were there? There are always people on that corner. Thank God noone was there at impact time.

School children walking the streets of Colonial Zone

Who in their right minds would travel that fast on the narrow roads of the Colonial Zone? Do people thing they are invincible when they get behind the wheel of a car?

Here is a picture from afar of the crash today.

Corner of Isabel la Catolica and Padre Billini wreck 11-27-2012

Car on sidewalk where children walk to school 11-27-2012

Here a few other pictures of wrecks I have taken out of my window in the past.

Car hits motorbike 8-25-2012
Truck hits Motorbike 8-4-2012

Bad wreck on Nouel and 19 de Marzo

This wreck above people went to the hospital. The black truck was on its roof. The car smashed into the building.

I ask again, who in their right minds would travel that fast on the narrow roads of the Colonial Zone?

Another thing I saw today was an older man walking through the intersection checking out the wreck not looking when he crossed the street. A police van was coming through and the walker threw his hand out and it hit the van as it passed. The truck did not stop or slow down and was not planning to stop or slow down. Good thing the walker stopped in the nick of time, he should have looked before crossing but the van should have stopped as well. What if it was a child and the police truck did not stop and the child was not paying attention? Thank goodness all was ok.

A good thing…They finally repaired the lights on Isabel la Catolica between Padre Billini and Jose Gabriel Garcia. The street was lit up for the first time in over a year last night. Thank you to whoever repaired the lights. Now maybe the sidewalks and some speed bumps could be next?

More Earthquakes in January 2012

This is all the information I have collected that seemed important about the recent earthquakes/ temblors de tierra in the last few days.

32 km (20 miles) NW (312°) from Nagua, María Trinidad Sánchez, Dominican Republic
35 km (22 miles) NNE (31°) from San Francisco de Macorís, Duarte, Dominican Republic
37 km (23 miles) ENE (63°) from Salcedo, Salcedo, Dominican Republic
123 km (76 miles) N (354°) from SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic
1246 km (774 miles) ESE of Miami, Florida
depth of 7.4 km

Happened at 4:50 pm with its epicenter near Rio San Juan in the north of Dominican Republic. Lasting about 10 to 15 seconds. It is the second tremor registered this day in this county.

The Santo Domingo State University’s Seismologic Institute said the quake’s center was in the town of Gaspar Hernandez, on the Atlantic coast.

Some fishermen who were fishing ran for fear of a tsunami. The waters of the Laguna Gri-Gri (more information about the Gri-Gri Lagoon) in Rio San Juan area turned brown and black. This is the first time they say they ever saw this happening.

Much of the Republica Dominicana felt this terremoto de tierra but with less intensity. Many people are afraid about the number of earthquakes have occurred in recent days.

The quake caused the evacuation of the 23 story high Acropolis Center, the country’s tallest office building, in Santo Domingo. It also briefly shut down the Web sites of many major newspapers.

There are reports of cracks in nine homes, three schools and a fire station. The COE said the main effects occurred in the towns of Gaspar Hernández and María Trinidad Sánchez, where schools were cracked in Matilla Villa de Mejía and La Hoja. Some houses in the town of Río San Juan, the María Trinidad Sánchez province, and a fire station and and school in Buenos Aires in Cabrera reported little damage.

An on line newspaper of this area

Magnitude 4.5, 10:33:29 AM Tuesday January 24
2.8 km (1.7 miles) (poorly constrained)
37 km (22 miles) NNE of San Francisco de Macoris, D.R.
68 km (42 miles) ENE of Santiago, Dominican Republic
125 km (77 miles) N of SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic
1246 km (774 miles) ESE of Miami, Florida

(Another update as of today January 24, 2012. We have had two smaller quakes
*Magnitude 4.6 at 05:45:23 PM 36 km (22 miles) NNE of San Francisco de Macoris, D.R.
*Magnitude 4.2 at 06:15:24 PM 34 km (21 miles) NNE of San Francisco de Macoris, D.R.)

There have been three quakes above magnitude 5 that has been recorded in Dominican Republic this month. The first was January 5th in Palmar de Ocoa, with a magnitude of 5.2. Number 2 was 5 degrees on January 22 in the Eastern. Now we had a 5.4 on the 23rd near Rio San Juan. I am not including all the after shock smaller tremors that always follow or precede an earthquake.

The Columbia University researchers told to The Associated Press that Santiago, with more than one million people and the country’s second biggest city, is at risk of having a magnitude 8 earthquake, much stronger than the magnitude 7.0 that killed more than 200,000 Haitians in January last year. “The next event of this type will probably occur on the other side of the island (Hispaniola),” said the university’s Urban Design Lab director Richard Plunz, who led the investigation. “It could generate very serious damages in the long term.”

Some people say you need to get in the “Triangle of Life” / “Triangulo de Vida” others say you need to “Drop, Cover, and Hold On.” / “Agacharse, cubrirse y agarrarse” when an earthquake happens.
What the Dominican government says to do in case of an earthquake

More information about Earthquakes in Dominican Republic

Listing the most recent Earthquakes

Watch Out For Manholes

It happened again. Someone stole many of the manhole covers in the Zone.

Seems that every so often someone needs some cash bad enough to cruise around in the late night and work hard to remove those heavy manhole covers from the streets to sell them for cash. The unsuspecting driver or motorcyclist passes by and..Surprise!…then disappear into the abyss.

So be cautious when driving around or even walking at night as there just might not be any cover on a giant gaping hole in the street.