The Responsible Recovery Plan for Tourism 2020

The Responsible Recovery Plan for Tourism in Dominican Republic / Plan de Recuperación Responsable del Turismo República Dominicana

Everything is ready to implement The Responsible Recovery Plan for tourism / Plan de Recuperación Responsable del Turismo, coordinated by the Ministry of Tourism. Collado stated that airports will have strict sanitary protocols with measurement of temperature, social distancing and mandatory mask usage by September 15, 2020.

A panoramic view of the Santo Domingo coastline as seen from from Punta Torrecilla

A panoramic view of the Santo Domingo coastline as seen from from Punta Torrecilla

“We are prepared within the reality of the world to receive tourists in our country,” said David Collado. Minister of Tourism.

Ministerio de Turismo David Collado said that, except for a major cause, the plan will begin on September 15 with the announced measures. It will not be necessary to present COVID-19 tests with negative results prior to entry at airports to The Dominican Republic. Non-invasive random tests will be carried out, with a PCR test developed in Israel that uses breath.

The new breathalyzer tests are part of a set of initiatives to ensure the country is a safe tourist destination. The one-minute coronavirus breath test is being used in many airports around the world. It uses frequency to detect the virus. The hand-held device contains a chip with sensors that capture tiny particles from the breath to detect the Covid-19 and other viruses. It has an over 90% accuracy rate. Those who test positive need to take a second PCR test that uses the conventional methods requiring throat or nose swabs.

Collado also indicated that all short-stay tourists (non-resident foreigners) who enter the country from September 15 to December 31 will have a traveler assistance plan, known as Plan de Asistencia al Viajero, during their first stay in a hotel that has a license for operation. This includes emergencies in the event of a Covid-19 contagion and will be covered by the Dominican Government.

The Minister of Tourism stated that this measure is exclusive to the Dominican Republic since it has not been applied by any other country in the region. It will guarantee the health and well-being of those who visit our destination.

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The minister declared that he has been working with the private sector and the authorities preparing the hospitals that are in the tourist areas, in terms of availability of beds and conditions, to ready all the logistics of handling those infected with symptoms.

Collado added that by September 15 the Ministry of Public Health / Ministerio de Salud Pública (MSP) will begin the publication of a report on the situation of contagions and COVID-19 lethality, especially for tourist areas. It is important to note that today we have the most favorable indicators within the region, regarding the pandemic.

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