Petroleum – Gas Prices Rise

Gas and fuel prices are rising again here in Dominican Republic as of today February, 21, 2014. You people from United States think your gas is expensive. Check this out.

Premium Gasoline cost RD $253.00 (increased RD $2.40) At the exchange rate of $43 US Dollars to $1 Dominican Peso this makes premium gas at USD $5.88
Regular RD $237.80 (increase RD $2.00) and the dollar rate is $5.53

Kerosene now costs RD pesos $203.00 (increase of RD $4.50)
Optimum Diesel will cost RD $234.10, (increase of RD $4.30)

Fuel Oil will cost RD $147.21, maintaining the same price,
While LPGas will remain at RD $116.90 per gallon
Natural gas is still RD $30.50 per cubic meter
Gasoil Premium is still RD $223.10
Gasoil Regular is still $ 216.40

The average exchange rate used for the calculation of all fuels was RD $43.20, according to information from the Central Bank.

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