Anthony Santos Concert 6-28-2014

Anthony Santos “The Legend Alive” concert will be on Saturday June 28, 2014 starting at 9PM and ending when it does. The Marina de Sansouci, Avenida Paseo Presidente Billini, Santo Domingo, is the great location for this fun dance concert.

Anthony Santos The Legend Alive 6-28-2014

Anthony Santos The Legend Alive 6-28-2014

Anthony Santos, aka “El Mayimbe”, was a winner of the Premios Soberano and is known as a very charismatic bachatero. One of his famous catch phrases is “Tu Bachatu”. This concert is a big dance celebration where everyone is expected to dance until dawn. Produced by LR Producciones (Lenín Ramírez)

Ticket prices start at RD$1,000 and can be purchased on line at TicketExpress.

Get Anthony Santos music at iTunes.