The VIII International Festival Contemporary Dance 9-2012

The VIII International Festival
Contemporary Dance
arrives at the Palacio Bellas Artes in the room Máximo Avilés Blonda

El VIII Festival Internacional
de Danza Contemporánea
llega al Palacio Bellas Artes en la Sala Máximo Avilés Blonda

VIII International Festival Contemporary Dance 2012

The eighth edition of the International Festival of Contemporary Dance, Edanco, returns to the Palace of Fine Arts a production of PROYES y EDANCO. Santo Domingo will again become an International showcase of movement and music with contemporary dance. The event was organized in 2005 by the Encuentro de Danza Contemporánea (EDANCO) and the Centro Cultura de España (CCE) to showcase the work of choreographers committed to quality and experimentation, thereby contributing to the development and progression of contemporary dance. There will be dance troupes from Canada, United States, Spain, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Martinique, Haiti and the Dominican Republic represented.

Edanco 2012, will be held at the Palace of Fine Arts, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic from September 18 to the 25th starting at 7:30 pm. Tickets will cost RD$350 p / p and are available at Movie Max and Tickets Uepa (809) 620-8372.

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