Serie del Caribe 2013

Baseball mania is in full swing now. It is almost time for the Caribbean Baseball Series 2013! The play-offs in Dominican Republic are over. The teams playing were Las Águilas Ciabaeñas and Los Leones de Escogido to represent DR in the series.

Los Leones de Escogido won and are going to the Serie Caribe 2013! Lets hope they win again this year representing the DR.

Caribbean Baseball Series 2013

Caribbean Baseball Series 2013

The 2013 Caribbean Series will be held in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico from Friday February 1st (opening ceremony) to Thursday the 7th. The games will be played in the newly remolded and re-done stadium Hector Espino which is now known as the Estadio Sonora. It opened on December 23, 2012 just in time for the Serie Caribe.

Serie Caribe in Hermosillo, Mexico 2013

Serie Caribe in Hermosillo, Mexico 2013

Out of the five countries invited to play in the 2013 series there will only be four competing as Cuba has opted out again this year. The countries participating are Puerto Rico, República Dominicana, Venezuela and México

The schedule is as follows:
Friday Feb. 1:
Game 1) Venezuela vs. Dominican Republic – 17:00 (EST)
*Inauguration Ceremony held between games
Game 2) Puerto Rico vs Mexico 21:30 (EST)

Saturday February 2:
Game 3) Dominican Republic vs Puerto Rico – 15:00 (EST)
Game 4) Mexico vs Venezuela – 19:00 (EST)

Sunday 3rd:
Game 5) Venezuela vs Puerto Rico – 15:00 (EST)
Game 6) Mexico vs Dominican Republic – 19:00 (EST)

Monday 4th:
Game 7) Puerto Rico vs Dominican Republic – 15:00 (EST)
Game 8) Venezuela vs Mexico – 19:00 (EST)

Tuesday 5th:
Game 9) Puerto Rico vs Venezuela – 18:00 (EST)
Game 10) Dominican Republic vs Mexico – 21:30 (EST)

Wednesday 6th:
Game 11) Dominican Republic vs Venezuela1 – 8:00 (EST)
Game 12) Mexico vs Puerto Rico – 21:30 (EST)

Thursday 7th:
Game 13) Final game between the 1st and 2nd teams – 21:00 (EST)

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