Mango Festival 2012

Discover Dominican culture at the Mango Festival! Mangos, mangos and more mangos. Mangos cooked, juiced, baked, crafted, a mango lovers dream. Be sure to bring your dental floss!

Thursday June 13 to Saturday June 17, 2012 at the City Hall in Plaza Bani, Peravia, Dominican Republic/ Jueves Junio 13 al Sabado Junio 17, 2012 Plazoleta Ayuntamiento de Baní, Peravia, República Dominicana

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EXPOMANGO is a festival and show to celebrate the Dominican mango harvest in the town of Bani. Bani is a town in the south of the Dominican Republic and is the capital of the province Peravia. Bani, known as the Mango Capital/ Capital de Mango, is known for producing some of the best and largest varieties of mangos in the country. Here is the birthplace of the famous mango the giant ‘Banilejo’.

The festival was launched in 2005. They want to shows visitors hundreds of mango varieties in our country. They will be displaying the available technologies for mango production. There will be many tables of various vendors and business selling and displaying their wares. There will be many competitions all mango related including cooking.. The visitors will also see a mango plantation harvest and taste the various varieties of the Dominican mango.

Activities include:

• Courses and Tasting
• Exhibitions and Sales
• Artistic Presentations
• Machinery and Equipment
• Technologies
• Tours to Plantations
• Conferences and Lectures
• Competitions
• Business Matchmaking

Organizers of the event include business, agriculture from Dominican Republic, United States and the World.

Expo Mango has the schedule and more information about mango growing and all things mango.

GRAN FERIA EXPO-MANGO 2010, BANI slide show promotion on You Tube (opens in new window)

Promotion for Expo Mango 2011 You Tube video (opens in new window)

Some information about Mangos on the Colonial Zone web site.

Visit this web site and click on the link “Variedades de mangos en la República Dominicana” and you will be amazed that there are over 40 different varieties listed. I never knew there were so many different varieties of mango.