World Happiness Report 2013

The World Happiness Report from the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network names Dominican Republic as number 95 out of 156 of the happiest countries in the world. But the Happy Planet Index rates DR as number 33 out of 151 countries.

They based the findings of this report Six key variables factored into the study’s conclusions: “Real GDP per capita, healthy life expectancy, having someone to count on, perceived freedom to make life choices, freedom from corruption and generosity.”

It is interesting to note that the report also shows the major beneficial side-effects of happiness. Happy people live longer, are more productive, earn more, and are also better citizens.

The World Happiness Report from the United Nations
Here is an idea of where some of the countries ranked. They only covered countries for which all of the data was available.
1. Denmark
5. Canada
17. USA
20. Venezuela
22. UK
26. Germany
31. Trinidad
38. Spain
75. Jamaica
95. Dominican Republic
126. Haiti
156. Togo (last on the list)
World Happiness Report 2013

Happy Planet Index
HPI results show the extent to which 151 countries across the globe produce long, happy and sustainable lives for the people that live in them. The overall index scores rank countries based on their efficiency, how many long and happy lives each produces per unit of environmental output. Each of the three component measures – life expectancy, experienced well-being and Ecological Footprint
1. 64.0 – Costa Rica
2. Vietnam
6. Jamaica
9. Venezuela
33. Dominican Republic
62. Spain
65. Canada
78. Haiti
105. USA
110. Denmark

So exactly what does it all mean?