A group of bar owners in the Colonial Zone created the Asociación de Bares de la Zona Colonial/ Association Bars in the Zone Colonial known as ABZOCOL. They want to work for the socio-economic development for both residents and tourism in the Colonial Zone and to contribute to a better development of the first city in The Americas.

The President of the association is Grace Heyaime (co-owner of Casibajagua and Mad Sanchez), Persio Maldonado – Vice President, Luis Castellanos – secretary, Gabriel Czarlinskis, Cindy Street – legal representative, David McKinney and Miguel Angel Martínez Nova – treasurers and Darío Prats and Roger Rincon – spokespersons.

Grace Heyaime said that among the priorities of the organization is to diagnose the cities problems and find a solution for these problems and to make a comprehensive revitalization plan of the Colonial Zone. She also said there is a need for concerted efforts to raise living standards and business in this great tourist and vacation spot of the National District. They want to work together with the residents or the Zone to seek harmony and well-being of the people who live here.

The association is planning a day called “Fun With Conscience”. The aim of this promotion is for promoting values based on healthy and responsible entertainment among those visiting the Zona Colonial whether Dominicans or foreign tourists.

“Bars are business friends of society, with the understanding that create sources of direct and indirect jobs to people in this Colonial Zone,” she said.

A group of women members of the Juntas de Vecinos de la Zona Colonial/ Neighborhood Association of Colonial Zone came to give their support to the new created group.

ABZOCOL has pending projects in development for social and economic progress of the citizens of this area as well as to assist in the creation of an educational framework on waste generated and garbage disposal promoting a culture of recycling.

To mark the start of the school year and as a way to help hundreds of low-income families in the Colonial Zone ABZOCOL members will collect books and school supplies that will be distributed in schools and colleges of this area. The items will be distributed to the children on August 31 and September 1, 2012.

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