Weather Today – Tropical Wave Passes By 7-1-2013

If your coming to Dominican Republic make sure to bring that umbrella.
The weather for Santo Domingo is (I feel like I am studdering as it is the same, give or take a degree, all week. Lets hoe next week is better.
Monday – 86 °F 77°F (30 | 25°C) Thunderstorms
Tuesday – 88 | 75°F (31 | 24°C) Chance of T-storms
Wednesday – 88 | 75°F (31 | 24°C) Chance of T-storms
Thursday – 88 | 75°F (31 | 24°C) Chance of T-storms
Friday 88 | 75°F (31 | 24°C) Chance of86 °F T-storms
Saturday 88 | 77°F (31 | 25°C) Chance of T-storms
Sunday – 88 | 75°F (31 | 24°C) Chance of T-storms

Rain coming down in Zona Colonial, Dominican Republic.

Rain coming down in Zona Colonial, Dominican Republic.

ONAMET announced today – Tropical wave causing downpours, thunderstorms and gusty winds in much of our territory.

A tropical wave located over the eastern portion of the country combined with moisture and instability caused by a trough that will remain over our territory occurring in downpours, thunderstorms and isolated gusts of wind, in much of the country mainly the Northeast, Southeast, Midwest and Central Cordillera, extending gradually to the rest of the country during the day.

To continue Tuesday morning the leftovers of the tropical wave will bring isolated showers with thunderstorms towards the northern, northeast, northwest, southeast and Central Cordillera.

Distrito Nacional/ National District. Cloudy at times with showers and thunderstorms and wind gusts at times.

Santo Domingo Norte/ Santo Domingo North. Increasing clouds with showers, thunderstorms and occasional gusts of wind.

Santo Domingo Oeste/ Santo Domingo East . Partly cloudy to cloudy with showers and thunderstorms. Isolated gusts of wind.

Santo Domingo. Occasional clouds with showers and thunderstorms. Occasional wind gusts.