We Were Spared This Time

Hurricane Irene passed this side of the island by. Seems another storm did not like us. This did not hurt anyones feelings in the least.

All we have now in the Colonial Zone are cloudy skies. The sun has not shown itself yet and I am sure it might just rest itself until tomorrow. There have been strong breezes, I would not call it wind exactly, but a nice refreshing breeze. Gusting a bit at times but it is very comfortable. But, all seems to be back to normal. All businesses are open and ready.

I posted pictures and updates on the Life and Times of the Dominican Gringa Blog views from my balcony.

Here are a few pictures I took today from the rooftop. Also, the picture in the header of this blog was taken this morning at 5:30AM from the rooftop.

The view down Calle Isabel La Catolica from my rooftop after Hurricane Irene passed

Colonial Zone view of the Caribbean Sea from my rooftop