We Had Crocks in DR

Yup, we had Crocodiles, Monkeys, Sloths and Other Creatures
in the Dominican Republic.

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National Geographic divers found found crocodiles in the eastern province of La Altagracia in underwater caves. Not living creatures but bones proving that they did exist here on our island. While divers were searching for ancient monkey bones they found the fossil remains of sloths, bats, birds, and other creatures lining the floors of the flooded caves.

Here are some quotes I took out of the text I read…
“The surprising discovery was the first evidence for crocodiles in the Dominican Republic’s eastern province of La Altagracia.”
“Remote, underwater caves such as Padre Nuestro have long kept ancient animal remains out of human sight.”
“Creatures such as sloths and monkeys used to roam the island country, but today mammals of rodent size or smaller are all that remain.”

To read the article “Pictures: Crocodile, Bat Fossils Found in Underwater Cave

Here is a video of the dive