Santo Domingo de Fiesta in Colonial Zone

Every Friday and Saturday night The Ministry of Tourism and Culture sponsors an evening of folklore dances and music. Santo Domingo de Fiesta, at the stage in the Plaza de España in Cuidad Colonial. It runs from 8 to 9PM and admission is always free.

santo domino de fiesta cuidad colonial - santo domingo fiesta colonial zone

“Santo Domingo de Fiesta” is the weekly arts program presented by the Secretary of State for Tourism and Culture of Dominican Republic/ las secretarías de Estado de Turismo y de Cultura de República Dominicana featuring prominent national and international artists, as well as the consistent participation of folkloric dancing and music. Sitting in the Colonial City in Plaza Espana in front of the Columbus Palace with the lights shining onto the old restored home is an experience in itself. Listening to Dominican artists and watching the performances in this environment is very special and should not be missed. If you are here in the Zona Colonial this is a must see so you can experience a small taste of the Dominican culture, dance and music.

This folkloric festival has had many well known artists preform on their free stage including Patricia Pereyra, Sonia Silvestre, Rhina Ramírez, Juan Luis Joa, Luchy Vicioso, Ileana Reynoso, Francis Santana, Niní Cáffaro, Miriam Cruz, Roldán, Xiomara Fortuna, Sergio Vargas, el maestro Jorge Taveras y su grupo, Frank Valdez, Vickiana and other well known Dominican musicians for the enjoyment of Dominicans and Tourists alike. They even had a presentation of the Nutcracker Suite with the National Ballet of Spain.

Farmers Fair 2012

The Ministry of Agricultural announces the 25th National Farmers’ Fair Saturday 17th thru Sunday 25th or March in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic/ Ministerio de Agricultura anuncia XXV Feria Agropecuria Nacional 2012 sábado 17 al domingo 25 de marzo en Santo Domingo, República Dominicana.

This is a Farm Show Dominican style with more than 300 entities. México and Panamá are special guests this year.

The Farm Show will be inaugurated on March 7th at 6PM by President Leonel Fernández and The First Lady Margarita Cedeño de Fernández. There will be lots of activities for young and old alike. Take the children so they can see farm animals up close. There will be pavilions dedicated to energy conservation. There will be a milking competition. There will be displays of technological advances. There will be a rodeo at the arena at the Ciudad Ganadera. There will be livestock judging for cattle, goats, rabbits, pigs and sheep.

Organized by the National Board of Cattle Ranchers/ Patronato Nacional de Ganaderos, with the sponsorship of the Ministry of Agriculture/ Ministerio de Agricultura, the Directorate General of Livestock/ la Dirección General de Ganadería, The Agriculture Bank/ Banco Agrícola, and Farmers’ Federations, Cooperatives and Associations/ Federaciones, Cooperativas y Asociaciones Ganaderas.

Ciudad Ganadera is located on Autopista 30 de Mayo, Route 2 (the end of Avenida George Washington), Calle San Juan Bautista, Santo Domingo

Alexis y Fido “Perreologia” World Tour

Alexis y Fido, the Urban music duo from Puerto Rico, are coming to Dominican Republic presenting their “Perreologia” World Tour on March/ Marzo 17, 2012.

The concert is a show of lights, sounds, dancers and fireworks giving the public a barrage of hits until dawn. Also in concert are local artists Poeta Callejero, Los Pepes, los DJ’s Miguel Duarte, Chino Bass and Alberto Guerraon.

The spectacular will be at the Marina de San Soucí, Avenida España, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic on March 17, 2012
Ticket prices are: General: RD$700 and VIP: RD$1,500

For table reservations:
Alberto Guerra

Tickets at Uepa Tickets (, Movie Max and BB Home.

Alexis & Fido performing Contéstame El Teléfono

A production of Kep Entertainment, Lukas Groove and A&S Production.

Dominican Cocoa Exhibition

Dominican Cocoa/ El Cacao Dominicano. Learn about how cocoa grows, is processed and made into the beloved cocoa we all love. Also learn how cocoa affects the local economy.

From Wednesday March 7 to April 7 The Museum of the Dominican Man presents the exhibition “Dominican Cocoa”. It will be in the first floor Exhibition Hall from 9AM to 5PM daily.

Desde el Miercoles 7 de marzo hasta el 7 de abril del 2012, de 9AM a 5PM, en la Sala de Exposiciones de la primera planta del Museo del Hombre Dominicano, se estará presentando la exposición ” El Cacao Dominicano”.

La Plaza de la Cultura Juan Pablo Duarte on Av. César Nicolás Penson and Avenida Máximo Gómez 35, Plaza de la Cultura, Santo Domingo. Enter at the Calles Pedro Henriquez Ureña y César Nicolás Penson, Gazcue, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. More information about the Plaza de la Cultura.
cacao - cocoa tree with ripening seed pods

The Big Carnaval Parade 2012

The big day is here! Tomorrow, Sunday March 4th, 2012 is the grand Carnival Parade on the Malecon in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The event starts at 3PM and continues until…..
carnaval los indios
You will not be able to drive on the Malecon from 8AM to midnight Saturday because they will be getting all ready for the big day. Putting up decorations and seats for Sunday. Then on Sunday the Malecon will be closed from 6AM to Midnight for the Carnaval festivities.
carnaval roba la gallina
There will be lots of fun and confusion as the masked paraders arrive from all parts of the country. By bus, truck, car, motorbike and by foot the Carnival groups, dancing troupes, floats and spectators they will come.
carnaval beautiful lady
This year’s event will honor the late folklore promoter, Nereyda Rodriguez. It is dedicated to La Vega. There will be guest groups from Haiti, Colombia, Taiwan, Guadeloupe, Aruba, Bulgaria, Curacao and Honduras.
evil clowns
Just remember the Carnaval is fun. It brings people from the entire country that love to watch and join in the festivities. It also brings the opportunists looking for people unaware that can be robbed. Please do not wear jewelry. Do not carry items in your back pockets. Do not carry items of importance. Take your cameras but take care who is around you when you take pictures. Be aware of your surroundings.
human horses

More information about Carnaval Dominican style with history, costumes and lots of pictures and videos.

Independence Day 2012 -Pictures and Videos

The pictures and videos are finally here! The weather did not look that good in the morning. It was cloudy and there was a little rain. Thank goodness it all cleared up and only left us with a few clouds and some haze.

The Military Parade started late which has happened every year in the 10 years I have been in the Dominican Republic. Waiting for the arrival of the President Leonel Fernandez then the approval of the Generals before the cannons shoot and the parade begins.

This is the Independence Day 2012 Military Parade on the Malecon in Santo Domingo picture slide show. It has all the pictures I took of the days events.

So here are a few of the videos.

Dominican Republic Independence Day Military Parade 2012 Moto Police doing their little show.

Dominican Republic Independence Day Military Parade 2012 Police Marching Band.

Dominican Republic Independence Day Military Parade 2012 The Falcons

There are a few other videos on our You Tube Channel.