Carnaval Dominicano Activities and Information 2015

Oh yea! It is Carnaval time again in Dominican Republic. We have been celebrating Carnaval since 1520 with music, colors, parades, fun and craziness. This year the celebrations continue through the month of February to the beginning of March 2015.

Carnival Dominican Republic
Carnival Dominican Republic

I will post all the Dominican Republic Carnival Activities / Actividades y celebraciónes de Carnaval Dominicano por provinciales throughout the country as I find them. If you know of any activities please let me know.

Carnaval Dominicano 2015 - There is an eye in there!
Carnaval Dominicano 2015 – There is an eye in there!

Santo Domingo – on the Malecon from Malecon Centro to the Obelisco Macho – The big one! – Sunday, March 1 at 2PM with a Grand National Carnival Parade Regional./ domingo 1 de marzo con un Gran Desfile Regional del Carnaval Nacional. There will be 180 troupes from 31 provinces and 160 floats. The honored and invited country this year being Brasil. Merengue stars Eddy Herrera is the King of Carnival and the Queen is Miriam Cruz. Security has formed a team called “Carnival without violence” / “Carnaval sin violencia” including agents of the National Bureau of Investigations/ Dirección Nacional de Investigaciones (DNI), Civil Defense/ Defensa Civil and more than 1,500 police officers/ policías, firefighters/ bomberos, 911 and Red Cross/ Cruz Rojas.

You can watch the Carnaval on the internet on Telemicro Channel 5. Links to TV stations in Dominican Republic.

Carnaval Vegano – The Carnaval of La Vega is the most popular and known internationally. This carnival is held every Sunday in February and also on the 27. The concerts held every Sunday in the Estadio Olímpico starting at 7PM
-Feb 1 – Farruko, Mozart La Para, Elvis Martinez, DJ Scuff and DJ Luz
-Feb 8 – DJ Plex, NickyJamPR, YiyoSarante and Eddy_Herrera;
-Feb 15 – Omega, Mozart La Para, Shadow Blow, Pingo La Hoja, DJ Victman and DJ Alberto Peralta;
-Feb 22 – Don Miguelo, Yiyo Sarante, La Nueva Escuela, Janko, DJ Scuff, DJ Victman and DJ Alberto Peralta
Color Visión Canal 9 will transmit the carnival live. Links to TV stations in Dominican Republic.

*Carnival Bonao The fun is on Sundays 8, 15, 22 and Saturday 27 in Feb. and March 8. The Carnaval Parade starts at 4PM on Avenida Duarte and ends with a show in Parque La Delicia.

Carnaval Bonao 2015
Carnaval Bonao 2015

On Saturday 7, 14, 21 and 27 of February and March 8 starting at 8PM in Parque Las Flores in Villa de la Hortensias there will be music and fun.
-Saturday 15 – 8PM – Los Teke Teke, El Jeffrey y Jay Sebastian
The big name performers scheduled include Toño Rosario, Rubby Perez, Alex Matos, El Lápiz, David Kada, Yiyo Sarante, Divas by Jiménez, Mozar la Para, Poeta Callejero, Los Teke Teke, El Jefrey, Cristiam Bc, El Batallón, Nelson de la Olla, Tito Swing, Steffany Constanza, Kiko El Presidente, Merenbanda and La Materialista.
You can watch and or listen to the carnival live on Telefuturo canal 23, Súper Canal 33, Súpercanal Caribe, Mágic Tv canal 60 de Claro Tv, Mayimbe Tv canal 14 de Wind Telecom, el canal 10 de Telecasa, por Latina FM, Novel FM. Links to TV stations in Dominican Republic.

* Carnaval desde el Centro at Centro Cultural de España, Colegio de Gorjón, Colonial Zone. Coordinated by anthropologist Soraya Aracena, the main activities will take place from 12 to 14 February with the participation of expert researchers, artisans and famous troupes prestigious proposing know and live the carnival from different perspectives.
-Thursday 12 at 7PM – sociologist Dagoberto Tejeda will give the lecture “Where the Dominican carnival going?”/ “¿Hacia dónde va el carnaval dominicano?”
-Friday 13 at 7PM historian Joseph G. Guerrero will analyze the structure of this celebration at the conference “The structure Carnival: what is and is not Carnival”/ “La estructura del carnaval: lo que es y no es carnaval”, then the documentary “Colors of the Dominican Carnival”/ “Colores del carnaval dominicano” will be screened.
-A carnival related Crafts Fair will be held both days from 6:30 to 9PM.
– Carnival Festival/ Fiesta de Carnaval on Saturday 14th at 9PM in the courtyard of CCE featuring various characters including Beto y sus Alí Babá, Tiznaos, Roba la Gallina, Califé y Diablos Cojuelos.

Santiago – Carnaval Santiago is on Saturdays and Sundays in February, culminating with the final parade on the 22rd in the area of the Monument.
It will be televised on channels Teleunión, Telemedios, Canal 25, Canal 29 Teleuniverso and Súper TV 55 at different times.Links to TV stations in Dominican Republic.

Carnaval Cotuí (Sánchez Ramírez) This years Carnival is dedicated to Teresa Ynoa. The fun will be every Sunday in February and on Friday 27.
Live transmission at and starting at 2PM every Sunday.

Carnaval Couti 2015
Carnaval Couti 2015

Carnaval of Santo Domingo Este – This is the 8th year for this carnival taking place on between Avenida Máximo Gómez and Calle José Contreras to the Malecón on Sunday Feb. 8, 15 and 22 starting at 2PM. They expect thousands of people to gather. Performances include
-Feb. 8 – Héctor Acosta “El Torito” (Merengue and Bachata)
-Feb. 15 – Miriam Cruz (Merengue) and Doble T y El Crok (Los Pepes) (Urban Music)
-Feb. 22 – Yiyo Sarante (Salsa) and Mozart la Para (Urban Music).

*Puerto Plata Carnival – The POP Carnaval 2015 will be held Feb. 1, 8, 15, 22 and March 8.

Carnaval Puerto Plata 2015
Carnaval Puerto Plata 2015

*Punta Cana Carnival – Saturday March 7, 2015 on Boulevard Primero de Noviembre in Punta Cana Village opposite the International Airport. Represented are troupes from Guadeloupe, Haiti and Curacao and more than fifteen of the national top carnival troupes starting at 4PM. At 7:30PM there will be a concert (concert is not free) marking the official end of Carnival 2015 in the country. The video from last years Carnaval Puntacana

*Cristo Rey, Santo Domingo – Carnaval de Cristo Rey 2015 will be on March 15 at 2pm on Calles Ovando and Gasset.

Carnaval Cristo Rey 2015
Carnaval Cristo Rey 2015

¡Como la primera vez! Carnaval Presidente 2015

History and traditions Dominican Carnival.

Information about the masks and Carnival Characters.

Our collection of hundreds of pictures of the Carnival.

Exitos Del Carnaval Vegano (2015) Listen to or download music of Carnival.

Links to TV stations in Dominican Republic where many stations broadcast the events live.

Carnaval Presidente 2015 – Commercial

Carnival Activities and Information 2012

It is Carnival time again in Dominican Republic! This is all the information I have collected about the different towns, when they are celebrating, what’s going on, where you can see the action if you are not here. I have been searching and searching and this is all I could find. Any information you have about activities in different places throughout Dominican Republic please post in the comments or send me an email.
*Newest update about Carnaval Dominicano updates.
carnival on the malecon santo domingo
Please remember. There are going to be many people of all types at these Carnival celebrations. Most are there to enjoy and have fun. There are some looking to take advantage and rob what you have when you are not looking. Be aware of your surroundings and your belongings. Take pictures but be aware of who is around you before you lift the camera (I had my camera stolen our of my hand while taking a picture one year). Do not wear jewelry. Keep items in front pockets and do not carry anything that is not necessary.

Presidente Cerveza will be providing free concerts to all their sponsored Carnivals on Sunday.
presidente cerveza carnaval dominicano logo

“VIVE EL CARNAVAL” se transmite de lunes a viernes de 6:00 a 7:00 de la noche por Telesistema 11, un canal de emociones. This they will be transmitting Monday thru Friday from 6 to 7PM all things Carnival.

The Grand National Carnival Parade/ Gran Desfile Nacional de Carnaval is the big, National Carnaval parade with the winners of all the Carnivals held throughout the Dominican Republic. It is celebrated along the Malecón in the city of Santo Domingo. It will be held March 4th and is sponsored by Presidente. They offer three awards for best costumes. 1st place gets RD$500,000.00, 2nd RD$300,000.00 and 3rd RD$100,000.00.

carnaval vengano dominican republic brahma light logo 2012
Brahma is the sponsor of the carnival in La Vega. The Carnaval of La Vega is the most popular and known internationally. This carnival is held every Sunday in February. The concerts this year are –
Daddy Yankee on the 5th
Victor Manuelle on the 12th
Tito el Bambino an the 19th
RKM and Kenny Y + Zion and Lennox on the 26th
Microvision will be broadcasting live in La Vega for Carnival Vengano.

Other Carnivals through Dominican Republic.

Carnival of Santo Domingo East/ Carnaval de Santo Domingo Este will be along Av. España.
Sunday 12: entertainment by Toño Rosario y Mozart La Para
Sunday 19: entertainment by Kinito Méndez
Sunday 26: Sergio Vargas, Juliana, Doble T and Crow (Los Pepes).

Santo Domingo, District National for the second year will be having their district Carnaval celebrations along Av. Winston Churchill each Sunday.

Carnaval Punta Cana celebration will be Saturday/ sábado March/ Marzo 10.

Carnival of Bonao sponsored by Presidente returns to the traditional Ave. Duarte in the center of town every Sunday in February. Broadcast on CERTV canal 4, Mayimbe TV canal 8 y Magu Music Televisión canal 8, (a list of the Television stations and Radio stations of Dominican Republic)

Carnaval de Santiago de los Caballeros starts on Wednesday of each week getting ready for the big Sunday event with performances by musical groups in the country. There will be many lechódromos around the Monumento, Avenida Francia, Calle Daniel Espinal y Las Carreras.
Telemedios (Canal 25), Teleuniverso Canal 29, Teleunión, Megavision y Súper TV 55.

San Juan de la Maguana celebrates Carnaval Cimarrón.
La Z-101 FM, Tele cable San Juan y Radio Televisión Dominicana will be transmitting the activities. Sunday March 25 is their celebration of Carnival and Semana Santa.

Carnaval Salcedo is held on the main street passing by the church every Sunday in February with the ultimate parade on March 11.

Carnaval Mao has celebrations every Saturday and Sunday in February.

Carnival in Baní is called Carnaval Banilejo is held in Bani (the last Sunday in March each year) March 25th. New information I read says it will be celebrated March 18 so I am not sure.

Carnival Azua is usually celebrated on February 27, Independence Day in Dominican Republic.

Carnival Bayaguana is on Sunday 11 of March.

San José de Ocoa, “CARNAMANIEL” Saturday March 31, 2012

Carnival Mao is on Sunday March 11th.

Carnaval Cabral in Barahona 7 to 9 of April.

Carnaval de Cotuí is on Monday the 27th of February.

Carnaval Dajabón is on Sunday March 18.

Constanza Carnaval is on Monday the 27th of February.

Carnival Neiba Monday February 27.

Elías Piña Carnival and Semana Santa Celebrations Sunday March 11.

Montecristí Carnaval is every Sunday in February ending February 26.

Fantino Saturday March 10.

Haina Carnival Sunday March 18.

Jiminí celebrates on Saturday March 17.

Nagua celebrates Monday February 27.

Nigua Carnival is Sunday the 11th of March.

Pímentel Sunday February 27th.

Río San Juan carnival celebrations are Sunday Feb. 19.

Sabana Grande de Boyá is Sunday February 26.

San Pedro de Macorís, Carnaval Consuelo, every Sunday. Other information I read says Sunday March 11, so I am not really sure.

Carnival in Puerto Plata is every Sunday in February ending on the 18th of March.

Samaná Carnival is Monday the 27th of Feb.

San Cristobal is Monday the 27th of February.

San Francisco de Macorís is Monday the 27th of February.

La Romana Carnaval is Sunday March 25th.

Carnaval Punta Cana is on Saturday March 10.

Yerba Buena, Hato Mejor is celebrating Monday Feb. 27.

Many of these places have celebrations throughout February but for sure they are celebrating on the posted dates. Information is so difficult to find.

History and traditions Dominican Carnival.

Information about the masks and Carnival Characters.

Our collection of hundreds of pictures of the Carnival.

Marcos Caminero, Xiomara Fortuna ft Diomedes y el Grupo Mío “Pa La Calle En Carnaval”

Presidente Cerveza Carnaval Commercial

Carnival Vegano – Daddy Yankee

Daddy Yankee will be playing a live concert for the first Sunday of the Carnival in La Vega. What a great start to this traditional celebration.

La Vega is known for their wild Carnaval celebrations every Sunday in February.

Daddy Yankee will be at the The La Vega Olympic Stadium/ Estado Olímpico de La Vega Sunday February 5, 2012 at 7PM. The show is completely free!

More info about Carnival Dominican style.

Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes Day 2011

Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes/ Our Lady of Mercy day is upon us again. Each year on September 24th the faithful make their trek to Santo Cerro in La Vega to show their devotion to this patron saint. Those who cannot make this venture will be visiting their local Catholic Church to pay homage to las Mercedes.

Here in Colonial Zone the churches have services ending with a procession of the faithful. They have music and walk the streets of Zona Colonial carrying their statues. I have watched this procession each year(I have a video of this on the page about las Mercedes) and the statue of Las Mercedes always catches my eye. The statue is so beautiful and it looks so real. It is a true work of art. Since I am not Catholic I do not understand this so please forgive me if I do not explain this correctly.

More information about Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes/ Our Lady of Mercy and why she is so special to Dominican Republic. There is also a video I took a few years ago from my balcony of the procession.