Carnival Santo Domingo 2017 Events

Desfile Nacional de Carnaval 2017 / National Carnival Parade 2017

Dedicated to the provincias de la Región del Nordeste / Dedicated to the Northeast Provinces.

Carnaval Nacional 2017
Carnaval Nacional 2017

Carnaval con el Califé

Feb. 25 and 26 – 3PM – Starting at the Obelisco Hembra and ends at the Obelisco Macho.

Carnaval con el Califé 2017
Carnaval con el Califé 2017

There will be more than 60 Carnaval groups coming from different neighborhoods throughout the entire country who will be sharing their unique versions of Carnaval.

Both days will end with music including salsa, merengue and urban music at Parque Eugenio María de Hostos:

*Saturday 25 Los Hermanos Rosario, La Revolución Salsera y Shadow Blow.

*Sunday 26 Héctor Acosta, El Torito, Davicito Kada and el Súper Nuevo.

February Monday 27 – Independence Day

Independence Day celebrations with the Military Parade on the Malecon.
Plaza Juan Barón – 6 PM – 12 different live bands will be playing.

March Friday 3

In many different plazas throughout Santo Domingo – 2 to 8 PM
Living Statues representing different carnival personalities

March Saturday 4

– 2 to 6 PM – Plaza ESpaña
Youth Carnival – Infantil de Carnaval

March Saturday 4

– 6 PM – Plaza España
Different youth groups from all over the country will be participating.
Festival de Coreografía Alí Babá
Entrega de premios Felipe Abreu

March Sunday 5

Desfile Nacional de Carnaval / Carnival National Parade – 2 PM – Malecón Santo Domingo
Route – West to East, from Máximo Gómez to Obelisco Macho.

Gran Cierre Desfile Nacional de Carnaval 2017 / Grand Closing National Carnival Parade 2017. Starting at 7 PM until ???. Plaza Juan Barón. Sponsors Kola Real.

A great show presenting Sergio Vargas, Mozart La Para,
Chiquito Team Band and Don Miguelo.

Remember you can not enter the carnival and concert areas with:
• Firearms, white weapons, sharp items or any object that could be used for violent acts.

• Alcoholic beverages, glass bottles or glasses.


There will be 580 security and police who will ensure the safety of all.

This is a party for big and small. Come with your family! Get dressed up! Fill the Malecon with fun, dancing and colors of Carnaval!

History and traditions Dominican Carnival.

Information about the masks and Carnaval Characters.

Our collection of hundreds of pictures of the Carnival.

Carnaval Dominicano Activities 2016

Dominican Republic has been celebrating Carnaval since 1520 and we are still going strong! Come enjoy and participate in the madness! It will be an experience that you will never forget. Music everywhere, fun parades, vibrant colors, happy people and many many ooohhhs and aahhhs.


There are celebrations throughout the entire country with a wide variety of costumes and customs. Each town has their own versions of the costumed carnival creatures some can be beautiful, funny, cute and terrifying.

I will add more events as I find them.


The big parade with the best of the best happens in Santo Domingo on the Malecon Sunday, March 6 at 4PM with a Grand National Carnival Parade Regional/ domingo 6 de marzo con un Gran Desfile Regional del Carnaval Nacional. It runs from Malecon Centro to the Obelisco Macho. All 31 provinces and towns will have their best to represent them and hopefully go home with the big prize. You can watch the Carnaval on the internet on Telemicro Channel 5.

Other activities in Santo Domingo Colonial Zone area-
*Carnaval Infantil – “Por el derecho a sonreir” Children Carnival Parade slogan: “For the right to smile,” will be March 5th at 10AM in Plaza España, Colonial Zone. The children are so much fun to watch parading in their costumes.

*Living Statues / Estatuas Vivientes exhibition will be held March 4th, at 5PM at Parque Independencia, Colonial Zone.

*The traditional Festival of Ali Baba / Festival de Alí-Babá will be in the Plaza España March 5th, at 2PM.

*The Carnival Music Festival 2016 / Festival de Música de Carnaval will be on March 5 at Plaza Juan Baron starting at 5PM.

*Carnival Vegano – watch live transmission on Microvisión Canal 10

Sunday 7 starts the festivities with the Diablos Cojuelos leaving their caves and presenting themselves to the world.
There are concerts every weekend. More information at
-Saturday 6 Concert – Héctor Acosta “El Torito” y El Mayor Clasico and Felix Manuelat the Estadio Olimpico de La Vega at 9PM.
– Sunday 7 Concert – Don Miguelo, Vakeró y Wisin at the Estadio Olimpico.

*Carnaval Ciudad Colonial – Saturday 13. A parade of vintage cars, scooters, and a host of colorful characters will parade through the Colonial Zone starting at 5PM. The parade starts at The Puerta de la Misericordia on Calle Palo Hincado and ends at the Reloj del Sol at Plaza España.carnaval-ciudad-colonial2016

*Carnival Bonao The fun is on Sundays 7, 14, 21 and Saturday 27 in Feb. and March 13. The Carnaval Parade starts at 4PM on Avenida Duarte and ends with a show in Parque La Delicia.


*Santiago – Carnaval Santiago is on Saturdays and Sundays in February, culminating with the final parade on the 22rd in the area of the Monumento a los Héroes de la Restauración.
It will be televised on channels Teleunión, Telemedios, Canal 25, Canal 29 Teleuniverso and Súper TV 55 at different times.

*Carnaval Cotuí (Sánchez Ramírez) The fun will be every Sunday in February and on Saturday 27 atarting at 4PM at the Ayuntamiento Municipal wining through many barrios and ending at Parque Duarte.
Live transmission at and starting at 2PM every Sunday.

*Carnaval of Santo Domingo Este – This is the 9th year for this carnival taking place on Avenida España on Sunday Feb. 14, 21 and 28 starting at 2PM. They expect thousands of people to gather. It will be transmitted live on canal Digital 15. The carnaval is in memory of Juan de los Santos.
Performances include
-Feb. 14 – Yiyo Sarante, Revolución Salsera
-Feb. 21 –Fernando Villalona, Shadow Blow
-Feb. 28 – Los Hermanos Rosario, Mozart la Para

*Punta Cana Carnival – Saturday March 12, 2016 on Boulevard Primero de Noviembre in Punta Cana Village opposite the International Airport.

*Puerto Plata Carnival – The POP Carnaval 2015 will be held Feb. 7, 14, 21, 28 and March 13 starting at 3PM.

*El Carnaval de Herrera 2016 – Saturday Feb. 27 at 3PM, Isabel Aguiar.

Here is a list of all the dates of the National Carnivals / fechas de los Carnavales a nivel nacional throughout the country. Click to enlarge.

History and traditions Dominican Carnival.

Information about the masks and Carnaval Characters.

Our collection of hundreds of pictures of the Carnival.

Exitos Del Carnaval Vegano (2015) Listen to or download music of Carnival.

Links to TV stations in Dominican Republic where many stations broadcast the events live.