Santo Domingo de Fiesta in Colonial Zone

Every Friday and Saturday night The Ministry of Tourism and Culture sponsors an evening of folklore dances and music. Santo Domingo de Fiesta, at the stage in the Plaza de España in Cuidad Colonial. It runs from 8 to 9PM and admission is always free.

santo domino de fiesta cuidad colonial - santo domingo fiesta colonial zone

“Santo Domingo de Fiesta” is the weekly arts program presented by the Secretary of State for Tourism and Culture of Dominican Republic/ las secretarías de Estado de Turismo y de Cultura de República Dominicana featuring prominent national and international artists, as well as the consistent participation of folkloric dancing and music. Sitting in the Colonial City in Plaza Espana in front of the Columbus Palace with the lights shining onto the old restored home is an experience in itself. Listening to Dominican artists and watching the performances in this environment is very special and should not be missed. If you are here in the Zona Colonial this is a must see so you can experience a small taste of the Dominican culture, dance and music.

This folkloric festival has had many well known artists preform on their free stage including Patricia Pereyra, Sonia Silvestre, Rhina Ramírez, Juan Luis Joa, Luchy Vicioso, Ileana Reynoso, Francis Santana, Niní Cáffaro, Miriam Cruz, Roldán, Xiomara Fortuna, Sergio Vargas, el maestro Jorge Taveras y su grupo, Frank Valdez, Vickiana and other well known Dominican musicians for the enjoyment of Dominicans and Tourists alike. They even had a presentation of the Nutcracker Suite with the National Ballet of Spain.