Religious Christmas Events 2012

Some services and events that might be of interest. Please if you know of any events in the Colonial Zone area for Christmas and New Years please send them my way.

Religious things happening in the Cathedral de Santa Maria, the Oldest Cathedral in the Americas in Parque Colon, Colonial Zone.

*Midnight Mass/ La Misa del Gallo is celebrated at 10 pm in the Cathedral on Christmas Eve/ Noche Buena

*Christmas Day Choral Concert starting at 8PM. If you want to sit inside you better get there hours early. There will be giant screens set up outside for those who cannot get inside the oldest cathedral in the new world. The choir will be singing traditional religious Christmas songs.

*New Year’s Mass/ la Misa de Año Nuevo December 31 at 11:00 pm in the Cathedral

For information n the way we celebrate Christmas in Dominican Republic