Pro Diversity Movement 3-24-2013

Movimiento PRO – Diversidad / Pro Diversity Movement
La diversidad nos enriquece / Diversity enriches us on Sunday March 24, 2013

La diversidad nos enriquece: Pro-diversidad 3-24-2013

La diversidad nos enriquece: Pro-diversidad 3-24-2013

Dominican Republic is a country with a diverse racial background and yet there is much racism. Because of this the group “Movimiento PRO – Diversidad”/ “Pro-diversity movement” seeks to create a space to share values, ideas, feelings and artistic expression of diversity as an expression of the richness of life in society. They seek to advance the rapprochement (definition Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary– rapprochement – French word meaning “to bring together” – the development of friendlier relations between countries or groups of people who have been enemies), between people who feel different forms of discrimination on their situations and preferences (racism, homophobia, intolerance of artistic styles, dress, etc..)

Do you want to be part of this activity and help find a solution to various problems in our country discrimination? JOIN: Sunday March 24, 2013 at Parque Duarte, Zona Colonial from 4 to 10pm.

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More information at Facebook’s Movimiento PRO – Diversidad and WordPress – La diversidad nos enriquece pro diversidad.