Picture – Rio Ozama Morning

Morning at the Rio Ozama and the port of Santo Domingo. The Caribbean Fantasy Ferry in port. The Mammatus Clouds mixed with some Cirrus are in the sky overhead. It is 6:20AM and all is nice and calm.

The picture:

Left – Crains are unloading (or loading) a ship at the Ozama Flour Mill, Los Molinos, Villa Duarte.

On the other side of the Rio Ozama in the distance from left to right – The Torre del Homenaje looms above all as the Muralla de Felix Benito surrounds the Fortaleza Ozama.

On the other side of the Ferry, the large white building is the Residencia de Nicolás Ovando.

Below the white building, half-hidden behind the ferry is Puerto Don Diego.

The tower of the Panteón Nacional can be seen on the horizon.

The Casa de los Dávila and the bell tower of the Capilla de los Remedios can be seen next.

The Casa Reales is the long building almost central in the picture.

The large white building in the distance is the Centro Cultural de las Telecomunicaciones (CCT) Museo.

The last large building in the Alcázar de Colón.

The full image is easier to view all the details.

View of Rio Ozama looking towards the Colonial Zone, Santo Domingo in the morning.

View of Rio Ozama looking towards the Colonial Zone in the morning.