Operation Holy Week 2012

Operation Holy Week (Easter) 2012 from Thursday April 5th to Sunday April 8 / Operativo Semana Santa 2012 de jueves 5 al domingo 8 de abril.

Here in Dominican Republic the weekend of Easter is one of the biggest travel weekends. Most people leave the cities and go to the beaches, rivers or just get away and visit family. The roads are full. The hotels and resorts are full. The people are partying full force. Hospitals and Emergency stations are full. It can be a fun time but it can also be a little dangerous if you do not take precautions.
Logo Civil defence dominican republic
The Dominican Civil Defense/ Defensa Civil Republica Dominicana will be stationed throughout the country with the participation six thousand workers and more than eight thousand volunteers in over 1400 strategic locations. They will be watching beaches, rivers and highways to make sure the big weekend runs smoothly. When you see the orange jump suits they are there for your safety and protection. If you have any problems please go to one of these stations. They are there to help and assist.

Many of the more dangerous beaches and rivers will be closed for the holiday to ensure the publics safety. There will be 23 closings in the Province of Santo Domingo, 1 in the National District, 12 in Santiago de los Caballeros, 6 in the provincias Espaillat y Santiago Rodríguez, 3 in Montecristi, 23 in San Pedro de Macorís, 8 in the Valverde Mao providence, 4 in La Romana, 3 in Nagua, 8 in Samaná y Sánchez Ramírez, 11 in Monseñor Nouel, 14 in Peravia, 9 in San Cristóbal and Villa Altagracia, 13 in Monte Plata, 8 in Barahona, 4 in Azua and 7 in the Province of San Juan de la Maguana.

For a complete list of beach and other places of importance closings visit: www.defensacivil.gov.do – listado-de-puestos-playas-y-carreteras in PDF form.

Remember there are restrictions according to Resolution No. 96/2012.
*Jet Skis and Wave Runners, Motorized Boats, Horses, Motorbikes, and Motorized Vehicles are NOT permitted on the beaches in the entire country from Thursday April 5 to Sunday April 8.
*There will be NO boats used in
-Laguna Gri Gri in Rio San Juan
-The Sanoa Island
-Catalina Island
-Cayo Levantado Island

*Heavy equipment vehicles are prohibited to be on highways from 6AM Thursday until 6AM Monday.

*There will be a curfew of 5:45PM for swimmers to get out of the water daily on public beaches.

*Many places have a ban on loud music for the weekend. Inside businesses it is OK but the noise is not permitted to weft outside. This is not enforced like it used to be but it still happens in many locations.

Make sure to get your Habichuelas con Dulce/ Sweet Beans (one version of the recipe for Habichuelas con Dulce). This is the favorite Semana Santa treat. A little Colmado on Calle Duarte and Luperon in Colonial Zone usually sells it in plastic cups. You can also get the ice cream version at Helados Bon.

Remember the reason for all the celebration is to remember Holy Week known as Semana Santa in Dominican Republic. There are many things happening in the churches, whatever religion, country wide. Try and visit one during this time to remember why we celebrate this time.

This is a video I took on You Tube of one of the Prosessions during Semana Santa in Colonial Zone. It is dark but I tried to lighten it a little. The link will open in a new window.