No Rain – No Water – High Temps

We have not had any rain to speak of in Dominican Republic for a while now. They keep talking of a water shortage. People need to watch their water consumption. They are stopping car washes from doing business and also they say they will not permit the guys on the streets to wash cars either.

I hope they fix the leaking pipes I see each day walking around the Colonial Zone.

They say we will have a little rain here and there but it will only contribute to this heat wave we are having.

According to the Wunderground weather station located in the center of Santo Domingo the temperature right now (3PM) is 103.4 °F (40.3 °C) and it feels Like 120 °F (50 °C). It says the high today will be 113°F (45 °C)  and the low will be 73 °F (23 °C).  Now thats hot!
It says that the average temperature for this day is 85 °F.  I want the average back!!