New Years Eve With Grupo Bonye 2011-12

Every Sunday Night here in the Colonial City Grupo Bonyé plays at one of the oldest historical sites in the Zona Colonial. The Ruinas del Monasterio de San Francisco, translated it is the Ruins or the Monastery of San Fransisco. This place has a history of being destroyed. Two times by earthquakes and once by Sir Francis Drake, known as Pirate Drake.

Group Bonje plays Son, Merengue, Salsa, and other types of Tropical music every Sunday evening in the open air with the backdrop of the eerie looking walls, half fallen. The dance floor may be a bit difficult to dance on. The terrain is not that easy to navigate as it sits on a steep slope. Yet, this place is full of people each and every Sunday as the sun sets ready to dance, listen to the music or just sit and talk to friends and have a cold drink. this is the place to be on a Sunday Night in the Colonial Zone.

So New Years Eve Grupo Bonye usually plays even if it is not on a Sunday night. They play into the night and this special night they play until they do not want to play any more.

Go and see what Grupo Bonye is all about. New Years Eve, all night, the place will be packed full of humans. People everywhere. Great music. Food to enjoy. Friends, neighbors. people you know and people you have not met yet. And even better it is free to enter. All you need to do is buy your drink and hope you can find a place to sit.

Happy New Years Dominican style. I will post more good stuff as I hear it.

Information about Dominican Republic New Years Traditions.