New Eatery – Chicharron Gourmet

A new eatery in the Colonial Zone. No more waiting for the man carrying the tray with the yummy chicharrones to pass by all thw while wondering how many hands have touched it and how long it has been hanging out in the hot Dominican sun.

Chicharrón Gourmet is here. Theyr slogan “Las más sabrosas tentaciones para tus sentidos”/ “The tastiest temptations for your senses”.

Chicharron Gourmet in Zona Colonial

Yes, I said Gourmet Chicharrons. It was explained to me that this means they have chicharrones with less fat, which is a good thing.

Their Tentacións/ Temptations, are simple Chicharrons with yuca, casabe or by the pound. You choose every cut and combine it with whatever you fancy.

Eat in or take it out to the park across the street. They are located on Calle Isabel la Católica #2 and Arz. Portes, Zona Colonial. They also deliver and sell by the pound for parties and such. You can order bu calling 809-689-5129.