National Hip-Hop Festival 2012

Second (2nd) National Hip-Hop and Break Dance Festival/ Segundo (2do.) Festival Nacional de Hip Hop y el Break Dance. Not only a music festival but a competition for bands to make some money and get noticed.

2 do festival de hip hop - hip hip festival 2012

This festival, brought to the people by the Ministerio de Cultura (MINC), is for the entire family. There will be 20 different groups from all the different Dominican Republic provinces. This festival includes three different artistic components: music/ música, dance/ danza and graffiti/ graffiti.

The winners will receive cash prizes in two categories:

Hip-Hop (New Style), 1st prize – RD$75 mil pesos, 2nd prize – RD$50 mil pesos, and 3rd prize RD$30 mil pesos.

Break Dance, 1st prize – RD$50 mil pesos, 2nd prize – RD$30 mil, 3rd prize – RD$20 mil pesos.

This festival is free for all to watch and enjoy. It will be held in the large open space park running along the Caribbean Sea, Plaza Juan Barón on the Malecón, Santo Domingo. the event will be at 6PM on Saturday/ Sábado January/ enero 28, 2012