Mango Harvest Festival 2014 – ExpoMango

Mangos, mangos and more mangos! The Harvest Festival of the Dominican Mango/ Festival de la Cosecha del Mango Dominicano, the yearly ExpoMango will be held in June from the 5th to the 8th, 2014 in the Mango Capital of Bani, about an hour drive from Santo Domingo.

ExpoMango - Mango Expo and Festival 2014

ExpoMango – Mango Expo and Festival 2014

ExpoMango is a fair held to celebrate the harvest of the Dominican mango with many fun and informative activities to enjoy. There are over 200 varieties of Mangos and you can purchase many of these yummy fruits at farmers market prices. Make sure to try the famous giant Baní mango, the ‘Banilejo’ for a sweet and juicy treat.

The ExpoMango 2014 has been held yearly since 2005 at the City Hall in Plaza Bani, Peravia, Dominican Republic / Plazoleta Ayuntamiento de Baní, Peravia, República Dominicana.

Bring the family to La Feria del Mangos for:
• Mango Dishes and Tasting
• Exhibitions and Sales
• Artistic Presentations
• Machinery and Equipment
• Technologies
• Plantation Tours
• Conferences and Lectures
• Contests – one of the favorites and messiest is the Speed Eating Contest.
• Business Tables

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Here is one of my favorite mango recipes – Mango Bread – Coffee Cake