Independence Day 2012

Monday February 27th is the day we celebrate Independence Day/ Día de la Independencia. Día de la Bandera / Flag Day. On February 27, 1844 the country declared its independence from Haitian occupation and retook the name República Dominicana (Dominican Republic).

This is the Shield from the center of the Dominican Flag (more history of the The Flag / La Bandera and The Dominican Flag Coat of Arms (Shield) / El Escudo Dominicano). This is on the front of the monument dedicated to the Founding Fathers of Dominican Republic

The day starts with honoring our founding fathers Juan Pablo Duarte, Francisco del Rosario Sanchez and Ramon Matias Mella. Later in the afternoon is the military parade when all the armed forces and military personnel come out dressed in all their splendor.

The parade usually starts about 3PM on the Malecon (Avenida George Washington)in Santo Domingo. The crowds line the streets to watch. The Air force flies their planes overhead, the ships of the Marines are in the sea as the Military bands play their music and march for the enthusiastic crowds.
Dominican Army marching 2008

Dominican Republic Marines 2008

This is picture slide show from the Independence Day Military Parade in 2008

Below are some links to more videos on You Tube that I took in the past years. I hope to get some new ones this year.

Marching Band 2009

More Marching 2009

The Old Time Troupes 2009

Moto Riders 2008

Marine Band 2008

The Horses 2008

Marching Bands 2008