Gato Barbieri 3-16-2013

This Argentinian born in 1932. A winner of an Oscar and four Grammys, the most recent award was the 2004 Latin Grammy. His original debut was in 1951. The Saxophonist Leandro “Gato” Barbieri y Su Banda will be in Santo Domingo at the Teatro La Fiesta in the Hotel Jaragua in Santo Domingo.

Gato Barbieri in Santo Domingo

Gato Barbieri in Santo Domingo

The mesmerizing sax along with outstanding pianist and an exceptional bassist gets the attention of his audience. Gato and his band brings all the Latin styles together.

Ticket prices for Gato Barbieri start at RD$$1,000 and can be purchased at TicketExpress.

Gato Barbieri Albums – MP3’s – Music on Amazon

Gato Barbieri Play list on YouTube. And a link you one of my favorite songs “She Is Michelle” written after the death of Gato Barbieri’s.