Festi Café 2013 in Barahona

Festival del Café Orgánico “Celebrando la Cosecha”. Dedicado a Bahía de las Águilas y el Parque Nacional Jaragua. / Organic Coffee Festival “Celebrating the Harvest”. Dedicated to Bahia de las Aguilas and the Jaragua National Park.

Festi Café 2013

Festi Café 2013

The 9th version of the Festi Café will be on Saturday June 1 and Sunday June 2, 2013 at Polo, Barahona, República Dominicana. There will be many traditional and folk artists, both national and international, presenting music, dance and folk art. There will be many daytime activities, Eco-Tourism, children’s workshops and entertainment, sports tournaments, contests, street theater. Fun and learning for all ages. (As more information, schedules become available I will post)

The Organic Coffee Festival is for the Organic Coffee Farmers in the rural communities around Bahoruco National Park and other communities in the Southern Region of Dominican Republic to come together to “Celebrate the Harvest”. It is a place where they can bring recognition to their work and promote their organic coffee production both nationally and internationally. They share their concept of local sustainable development with attendees through exhibitions, fairs, debates, lectures, tastings, sporting events, tours and performances promoting ecotourism and culture with a vision of social and gender equity. Promoting and educating the public about sustainable agriculture, biodiversity, conservation and the environment.

The Festival is organized by la Cosecha es Organizada por El Comité Permanente de Cultura de Polo-CPCP-, Acompañamiento de La Fundación Cultural Cofradía and La Red Dominicana de Culturas Locales, plus more than 30 regional and national institutions.

Last years festival brought more than 5000 daily visitors