Faro Colon Getting Cleaned-Up

The Columbus Lighthouse/ Faro a Colon is being cleaned up finally. We are so glad to hear this as the park and the area had much potential to be a beautiful and friendly park.

Located in Santo Domingo East/ Este on Avenida España in the Mirador del Este Park, this monument gets many visitors everyday. But the area surrounding this important monument is way past due for a cleaning. The roads leading to and from are in serious disrepair. The area has lots of brush and garbage. The neighboring sectors of Maquiteria, Villa Duarte el Pensador and the others say there is much crime in the area because of the neglect here.

The Director General of Highway Beautification and Country Beltways/ Dirección General de Embellecimiento de Carreteras y Avenidas de Circunvalación del país (DIGECAC) is taking on the project to beautify the surrounding area. They are going to do lots of landscaping and refurbish the roads. They also plan to clean up this historical monument dedicated to Christopher Columbus/ Cristobal Colon.

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