Fake $500 peso Notes, Gas and Food Prices

There have been forged RD$500 bills circulating throughout DR. The fakes have a lighter shade of blue, the sliver band going through the bill is different, the smaller lettering on the bill are not legible, the paper is slightly thinner and they wrinkle easier and are 3mm smaller than the real bills. These bills are in full circulation and have been found in many of the tourist areas and hotels throughout the country. Be cautious.
To see a picture of the original (top bill) and the fake (bottom bill) go to

Just to let you know the gas prices in Dominican Republic today are:
Premium USD $5.70 / RD $ 214.20
Regular USD $5.37 / RD $ 201.90
using the exchange rate today of $37.55 usd to $1 rdp

Some other prices. These are mostly sales in some of the local stores but it will give you an idea of the prices here
660 grams of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes $110 pesos
160 grams of Brunswick Sardines $38 pesos
18oz Kraft BBQ Sauce $71 pesos on sale
10 lbs Select Rice $219 pesos on sale
26.5oz Del Monte Spaghetti Sauce $65 pesos on sale
64 oz Welches Juice $129 pesos on sale
Marlboro Cigarettes 20 in pack $110pesos
45 grams Gillette Speed Stick Deodorant $95 pesos on sale
125ml Colgate Toothpaste $80 pesos on sale

Dominican Republic prices climbed 1.16% in March 2011 mainly because of the cost of fuel and the costs of farming.