Dominican Republic Fashion Week 2011

República Dominicana Fashion Week 2011 del martes 31 de mayo al sábado 4 de junio.
Dominican Republic Fashion Week 2011 from Tuesday May 31 to Saturday June 4.
The event will take place at the Centro de Convenciones Sans Souci / Sans Souci Convention Center in Santo Domingo

Dominican Republic Fashion Week

The third Fashion Week event in Dominican Republic is coming. This event showcases all the great talented Dominican designers and many invited guests from the world over.

The organizer of this years event is Tita Hasbún.

There will be fashion shows by Nicole Miller from USA, Carlos Campos from Honduras, Custo Dalmau from Spain, Benito Fernández from Argentina, Stella Nolasco y Eddie Guerrero from Puerto Rico and Silvia Shazadi from Venezuela.

The featured Dominican designers include Sissy Bermudez, Arcadio Díaz, Jenny Polanco, Esteban Martínez, Giannina Azar and others.