Discussion and Agreements on Improving Colonial Zone

Neighborhood councils and business of the Colonial Zone / Las juntas de vecinos y el sector empresarial de la Zona Colonial signed an agreement on April 12th at the San Souci port to fix up Colonial Zone.

They say they will invest U.S. $ 53 million to make the Zone more secure and beautiful. They are saying they will put security cameras throughout the Colonial city to provide more security in the area. This will mean that they will allow business to be open until 3AM. They also want the Museums and other tourist attractions to be open in the evenings.

All the big wigs of the area were at the meeting including the President and Vice President of the Ovando City Association / Asociación Ciudad Ovando, the President of the Union of the Colonial City Neighborhood / Unión de Juntas de Vecinos de la Ciudad Colonial, representatives of the Interior and Tourist Police / del Ministerio de Interior y Policía, la Policía Turística (Politur), the Metropolitan Transport Authority / Autoridad Metropolitana del Transporte (Amet) and some other institutions.

They said they cannot state the exact cost of all the needed improvements including installing underground utilities cables in the Colonial Zone and along the Malecon, adding additional parking and other improvements that are sure to attract investors. They also discussed about having more security in the area because of the crime.

Aplicarán plan en la Zona Colonial
Firman acuerdo….

My 2 cents – Now we just need to wait and see when all these much needed improvements will really happen. Improvements and revampments (is that a word?) have been promised in the past and they have never happened or have only happened half way. Lets hope that this time its for real.