Dinastía Rosario Concert 2-20-2014

Dinastía Rosario / Dynasty Rosario bringing together Toño Rosario and Rafa, Luis and Tony in a super production. This will be the first time in over 20 years the brothers, Toño and The Hermanos Rosario have played together since Toño started his own band.

Dinastía Rosario 2-20-2014

Dinastía Rosario 2-20-2014

Thursday February 20, 2014, at the Teatro La Fiesta, Hotel Jaragua Cesar Suarez Jr. is producing this the first public show bringing the famous brothers together.

Ticket prices start at RD$1,500 and can be purchased at the Jaragua Hotel or online at TicketExpress.

Merengue del Swing!
Los Hermanos Rosario-Tu querias mas

Vivir Mi Vida Toño Rosario