Danilo Medina Our New President – Restoration Day

Today is Restoration Day/ Día de Restauración. It is the second time Dominican Republic gained their freedom. This time it was freedom from Spain in 1863. It is usually celebrated and remembered reverently. This year it seems to be taking second place because this is the day Leonel Fernandez hands over the office of the President of the Dominican Republic to his predecessor, Danilo Medina.

The swearing-in ceremony is to be from around 9 until noon.

After President Danilo Medina and Vice President Margarita Cedeno take control they will be swearing in the new cabinet members.

Around 2:30pm the new President and his wife, the new First Lady, Candida Montilla and Vice President Margarita Cedeno (the wife of Leonel Fernendez), will attend Mass at the First Cathedral of the Americas, which will be officiated by Cardinal Nicolas de Jesus Lopez Rodriguez.

This is when the camera will be exciting to watch. I know the camera is not that clear but it is the best I can do.

You can watch the web cam on the www.colonialzone-dr.com web site at Live Colonial Zone Camera. Or you can watch on the Bambuser web site drgringa Channel. I hope the recording will get exciting as the day progresses.

The road is closed off. There are police all over taking care of security. There are no cars on Calle Isabel la Catolica. All preparing to the arrival of all the important peoples later today.

Salute to the new Senor Presidente Danilo Medina and Senorita Vice President Margarita Cedeno.