COE Announces Semana Santa Tragedies

The Emergency Operations Center (COE) / El Centro de Operaciones de Emergencias has the Easter Holiday / Semana Santa accident reports ready.

Semans Santa sees most Dominicans heading out of the city to enjoy the long weekend with friends and family at many of the great water, beach, river and country destinations Dominican Republic has to offer. But with this mass exodus there are many traffic accidents and other mishaps when there are masses of people enjoying, partying and driving.

30 people were killed, of which 23 were traffic accidents, two from alcohol poisoning and five by drowning (two less than last year). 668 other people were hurt in other ways including 368 traffic accidents occurred, affecting 570 people. Also, alcohol poisoning, 73 and 50 for food. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority / Autoridad Metropolitana de Transporte (AMET) retained 237 motorcycles and 216 thousand motor vehicles for violations.