Christmas Alcohol Sale Hours Announced

The Ministry of Interior and Police/ El Ministerio de Interior y Policía announced the yearly special Christmas hours for the sale of liquor for the Christmas Holiday season 2012 – 2013.

¡Cheers! and be careful out there.

The normal restrictions on the hour alcoholic beverages can be sold from December 10, 2012 until January 8, 2013 has been lifted for Christmas/ navideñas – New Years/ Año Nuevo celebrations. All places that serve drinks can stay open as long as they like. After Dia de los Reyes / 3 Kings’ Day also known as Epiphany all will go back to normal hours for these businesses.

Through a press release, José Ramón Fadul known as Monchy, said that the Interior and police will increase surveillance on these businesses for the purposes of preventing and avoiding actions that violate the security of the citizens and the public order.

How do Dominicans celebrate the Christmas holiday season and the and New Years traditions?