Call For National Strike November 14, 2011

The Foro Social Alternativo are calling for a 24 hour Huelga Nacional/ National Strike on Monday November 14, 2011.

Please, if this strike does happen, stay close to home this day just to be safe. Do not plan a road trip. Sometimes taxis, buses and many businesses close. Some to honor the strike and others because the employees cannot get to work.

They want some laws reformed and changed including
*Ley de Hidrocarburos/ Law of Hydrocarbons to reduce fuel prices and the electricity tariff increase.
*Allocation of 4% of national budget to go to the education sector.
*Delivery of 5% for the Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo (UASD)and for it not to be privatized.
*A comprehensive plan to combat crime and insecurity.
*Pay more attention to the productive sectors of the country. *Cancel the countries contract Barrick Gold.
*Salary increase for the public and private sector.
*Lower the price of food and medications.

According to the Foro the strike is supported union groups, community organizations and the majority of the Dominican people.