Brugal Anejo – Best Everyday Rum

I just read an article I must share by Larry Olmsted. He is a travel writer who writes columns in USA Today, Forbes and many other popular magazines and papers. He is a blogger and travels the world. One of his many specialties is food, wine and spirits.

August 16 is National Rum Day and I missed it this year. There arn’t parades or anything bu it needs to be celebrated just the same. Especially since Dominican Republic makes some of the best rums (or in Spanish ron) in the work.

I am not saying this because I am partial to DR but because it is the truth. Not only I, who knows little about fine rums, but others who know. The knower writing the article is the above mentioned, Larry Olmsted. He says that one of the best rums in the world is made by Brugal, Our own Dominican Republic made rum.

Brugal 1888 is one of his top choices but is very expensive. This special rum is aged in oak, then sherry double-wooded casks created by George Espie the overseer of the sherry cask program. This special cask gives the rum a most toffee, wood, and coffee flavor. It is noticeably less sweet than the Anejo.

Bottle of Brugal anejo

His favorite everyday rum is Brugal Anejo. He says it is “the pride of the Dominican Republic, and the bestselling rum in the entire Caribbean, is my go-to everyday rum, there is nothing flashy about it, just one of the best spirits per dollar you can buy in any beverage category”. I must agree with Larry. My favorite rum is Brugal Añejo. It is not too sweet and tastes so wonderful with some Seven-up (Santa libra), Coke (Cuba libre), and my favorite is with a little ice, nice and pure.

So, even though we missed National Rum Day does it really matter? Do you need a National Day to enjoy some tasty Dominican Ron? I think not. ¡Salud! (thats cheers in Spanish, by the way)

Article Forbes Best 10 Choices For National Rum Day