Art Display at Parque Independencia

“Customs in the Past and Present”/ “Las aduanas en el tiempo, pasado y presente”, sponsored by the Cultural Heritage Foundation of the Directorate General of Customs/ Fundación del Patrimonio Cultural de la Dirección General de Aduanas, with support from the Ministry of Culture/ del Ministerio de Cultura.

The outside of Independence Park/ Parque Independencia will have many important and antique historical documents and photographs related to the creation of the customs of the country. There will also be art work and paintings from the 1920’s to 1990’s. Also many Dominican folkloric symbols including masks, a clay sculpture of a “ciguapa“(Dominican mythological creature), motorcycles, “guloyas” depicting Dominican society.

This is free. Just go and walk around the park at the beginning of Calle el Conde in Colonial Zone/ Zona Colonial and check out this exhibit. Learn a little of the culture.

Open daily until January 2012

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