Around the Hat / En Torno al Sombrero on Calle el Conde Saturday

The Ministry of Culture / El Ministerio de Cultura (MINC) presents Around the Hat / En Torno al Sombrero Saturday April 16th from 10:00 a.m. a 10.00 p.m. along Calle el Conde, at Arzobispo Meriño to José Reyes in Colonial Zone. This great event is free to the public.

The visual artist Yi-yoh Robles (Genaro Robles) says they are using the symbol of the hat to represent the essence of art in the world stage. 200 artists will exhibit their works of art, including Manuel Frías, Jimmy Venecia from Cuba, painter Alejandro Cabral, actor Jose Guillermo, Rafael Nicolás Gómez, actress Mirian Lozano, dancer María Robles Meran and poet Elsa Baez. Also Glaem Parls, Ramon Valverde, Patricia Martinez, Juan José Sánchez, Alex Guerrero, Jose Duluc, Faustino Perez, Tony Gutierrez, Alsina, Guillermo Liriano, Manuel Cubilete and Luis Melendez. A presentation of giant ironwork statues by Jose Ignacio Morales

There will be many different performing arts including body painting, clowns, videos, dance, theater, visual arts, music, story telling, dramas, living statues, folklore, painters, poetry and singing are planned. Actors will recreate The Last Supper / La Santa Cena, The Raft of the Medusa / La Balsa de la Medusa by Pablo Picasso, and excerpt from the story of Moby Dick. There will be a giant game of chess with human chess pieces.

There are two special performances planned in solidarity with the victims of the earthquakes in Haiti and Japan. There will be a mural called“!Oh Japón…!”. The other show will be a united tribute to Haiti and its people

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