Alice in Wonderland in Blacklights

The distinctive magic of the National Black Light Theatre of Prague will be presenting Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland at the Teatro Nacional Eduardo Brito in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The performances will be February 4th and 5th (as soon as I get exact times and ticket information I will post but I am sure you can get tickets at the National Theater). This is to benefit Save the Children Dominicana and is sponsored by Sugar Events.

The Black Light Theater is known world wide for its unique stage effects that include live-action film, 3D animations, giant puppets, magic, tricks, large-scale projections and world-patented stage mechanisms that allow actors to fly in close proximity to the audience and turns the impossible into reality all accompanied by imaginative music. You will meet the White rabbit, Cheshire cat, Mr. Hatter, bad Chess queen and her merciless card army. All shows are performed without words in this way it makes it possible to communicate with audiences of all countries, without any difference of nationality, age or religion. This is the Alice in Wonderland/ Alicia en el Pais de las Maravillas that we have always loved performed in a unique and imaginative magical way.