5th Festival de Santo Domingo 2011

The Fifth/ Quinta Festival de Santo Domingo, sponsored by Presidente Beer, is the big start to the Holiday Season. The concerts and festivities will run for 8 kilometers and have 5 stages. The party starts at 4PM on Sunday/ Domingo December/ Diciembre 4th giving all 8 hours to enjoy all the activities and fun and to keep people dancing all night long.

Christmas festival de santo domingo 2011
The concerts will have all the good and typical Dominican music one would expect to here including merengue, reggaeton/ reguetón, salsa, dembow, bachata, rock, baladas, fusiones, tecnotipicos, son y typical music/ musica típico at the big fiesta on the Malecón. There will be five platforms along The Malecon, the road running along the Caribbean Sea.

There will be new artists and the old favorites all there to entertain and kick off the Christmas season. Luis Medrano, the shows promoter, says there will be more than 70 artists and 20 presenters. The artists include Omega, Secreto, Toño Rosario, Sergio Vargas, Rubby Pérez, Sujeto, Milka, La Materialista, Villanosan, Mozart La para, El Lápiz, Poeta Callejero, Julián Oro Duro, Los Potros, Silvio Mora, Kinito Méndez y Pochy y su Coco Band, Fernando Villalona, Eddy Herrera, Miriam Cruz, Ramon Orlando, Juliana, el Jeffrey, Pablo Piddy, el Prodigio, Krisspy, el Gringo de la bachata, Fefita la grande, Joseito Mateo, MC Joa and more.

There will also be lots of cultural activities for people to enjoy the Creole folklore, food and lots of other great entertaining and educational stuff.

See you there!!