2nd Festival Marisco Ripiao in Sanchez

The Second Annual Cultural Festival, Marisco Ripiao / 2nd Festival del Marisco Ripiao, Sánchez, República Dominicana, on will be held in June 2015. Friday 19th from 6PM to 10PM, Saturday 20th from noon to 10PM and Sunday 21st from 10AM to 2PM at the Plaza of the Port, Sánchez, Samaná / Municipio de Sánchez, Samaná en La Plazuelta de la Muella.

This 3 day festival focuses on promoting the history, culture, gastronomy while helping with the economic development of Sanchez, Samana. The festival will help to educate the general public about the historical significance of Sanchez, the local cuisine and also rescue the musical culture of this region as the “Perico Ripiao.” They also want to educate the general public about the importance of natural resource area and what all can do locally to protect the area.

The Second Annual Cultural Festival, Marisco Ripiao / 2nd Festival del Marisco Ripiao

The Second Annual Cultural Festival, Marisco Ripiao / 2nd Festival del Marisco Ripiao

The festival will focus on education on the conservation of natural resources and the adaptation of climate change in Sanchez including the Mangrove National Park and the Lower Yuna / el Parque Nacional Manglares del Bajo Yuna and Los Haitises National Park / el Parque Nacional Los Haitíses.

The Tentative program includes
• Talks / mini-workshops on local culture and history and conservation of natural resources
• “Cooking show” with known local and international chefs
• Sanchez Band
• Ballet Folklorico de Sánchez
• National Folkloric Ballet of Ministry of Tourism and Ministry of Culture
• Music Perico Ripiao
• Sale of traditional food, seafood, breads, sweets
• Sale of local crafts
• Exhibitions on the conservation of natural resources and climate change
• Exhibitions on local culture and tourism in the Samana peninsula

Tentative Seafood Menu / Menu Marisco Tentativo :
The menu will be based on seafood and coconut, cooked by the locals using their own home recipes. Examples of dishes: Creole Shrimp with Coconut / camarones a la criollos con coco, Garlic Shrimp / camarones al ajillo, Crab Stew / cangrejos guisado, fried fish steamed with coconut / pescado frito y al vapor con coco, Crab Dumplings / albondigas de cangrejo, Shredded Crabmeat / masa de cangrejo and more. There will also be all the typical Dominican side dishes, breads and sweets.

Organizers include –
*The Center for Conservation and Eco Samana Bay / El Centro para la Conservación y Ecodesarrollo de la Bahía de Samaná (CEBSE)
* The Fishermen Cooperative of San Lorenzo, Sánchez / Cooperativa de Pescadores de San Lorenzo, Sánchez
* Festival Marisco Ripiao Organizing Committee / Comité Organizador Festival Marisco Ripiao
…in cooperation with the City of Sanchez / en cooperación con el Ayuntamiento de Sánchez

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A little history
“Sánchez was founded in 1886 and soon became a center of commerce for the Dominican Republic, as it was a maritime town with a very active port. It was the home of a train that connected the town directly to La Vega and the interior of the country. It was also home to The Royal Bank of Canada, the first bank in the country. The town is known for its picturesque Victorian houses, many of which still exist today. Sánchez is the primary entry way for excursions to the Los Haitises National Park and the mangrove laden tropical rivers of Barracote, Yuna and Colorado.”