16 de julio / July 19

Today is July sixteenth, this day commemorates the foundation of the Secret Society The Trinity.

In celebration of the creation of “The Trinity”/ “La Trinitaria”, a secret society founded on July 16, 1838 by Juan Pablo Duarte and other Dominicans in order to perform actions to wean the eastern part of the Spanish occupation of Haiti and form the state call independent Dominican Republic. The name of La Trinitaria as it was in honor of the Blessed Trinity.

At the initiative of Juan Pablo Duarte, Santo Domingo is formed in the patriotic secret society, The Trinity, manager of national independence. They had the support of many of the youth, becoming the genesis of Dominican nationality. Its foundation was carried out on the street Arquillo, later called Santo Tomás and now Calle Arzobispo Nouel No. 155 (opposite the iglesia del Carmen) on Sunday July 16, 1838 in the afternoon in the city of Santo Domingo. This was the modest home of Doña Josefa Pérez de La Paz (Chepita) and her son Juan Isidro Pérez.

The group of young people gathered there were: Juan Pablo Duarte (president), Juan Isidro Pérez, Pedro Alejandrino Pina, Félix María Ruiz, José María Serra, Felipe Alfau, Juan Nepomuceno Ravelo, Benito González y Jacinto de la Concha. On this day Juan Pablo Duarte, as president, took an oath, an act that should be signed with the blood of ones veins. All pledged to cooperate with their lives and goods until the final separation of Haiti and Dominican Republic occurred. They fought to establish a free, sovereign and independent nation.”

All took the Oath of the Trinitarians/ Juramento de los Trinitarios.
You can read the oath and my rough translation on the www.colonialzone-dr.com web site.

I translated the first part of this post. It is wonderful. It is so much better when reading it in Spanish.

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